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The Wiggles

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Sports term papers, Format in mla paper research write

The Wiggles encourage families to make healthy good choices by singing, dancing and having lots of fun around fresh produce.

The Wiggles love fresh fruit, veggies and flowers. They are delighted to be working with ‘Pick Right. Feel Bright!’ to promote healthier and brighter lifestyles for all Australians and New Zealanders. In fact, for over 24 years, The Wiggles have been encouraging young families children to make healthy choices by singing, dancing and having lots of fun around fresh produce. The Wiggles have always believed that inspiring children to make healthier food choices helps them to be happier and brighter! And by engaging children, The Wiggles are also engaging parents, families and the broader community.

The Wiggles are excited about working with the ‘Pick Right. Feel Bright!’ campaign to make fresh fruit, veggies and flowers fun, to inspire children and their families to ‘Pick Right’ and ‘Feel Bright!’ and ultimately to create brighter futures for an entire generation.