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Dissertation proposal format example, Thesis on bullying research paper

Dissertation proposal format example, Thesis on bullying research paper

Nutrition Australia and ‘Pick Right. Feel Bright!’ have joined forces for this year’s National Nutrition Week (11-17 October) to promote the benefits of picking more fresh produce as part of a brighter, healthier diet.
Through ‘Pick Right. Feel Bright!’, National Nutrition Week will help to inspire healthy eating at home, in the office, at school and in everyday life.

Get involved in National Nutrition Week by taking Nutrition Australia’s ‘Try for 5’ challenge to eat five serves of vegetables every day for one week. Sign up as an individual or register a team and go into the draw to win prizes!

Make sure you share your ‘Try for 5’ photos on social media!


About Nutrition Australia

According to Lucinda Hancock, Chief Executive Officer for Nutrition Australia Vic Division, “Only 6% of Australians eat enough vegetables, yet more than a third of our daily kilojoules comes from heavily-processed foods and drinks like cakes, lollies, take away food and sugary drinks. We are delighted to be working with the ‘Pick Right. Feel Bright!’ campaign and the fresh produce industry to inspire consumers during National Nutrition Week to enjoy more vegetables, as well as fruit, which together make up the foundation of the Healthy Eating Pyramid.”

With the support, enthusiasm and commitment of the fresh produce, health and nutrition industries, PMA
A-NZ and Nutrition Australia are at the forefront of bringing about meaningful change by motivating people
to get excited about healthy fresh produce.

Learn more at speech therapy autism website.